Payroll services

Paying your employees is the biggest single transaction most businesses have on a regular basis, so why run the risk of something going wrong? The implications of a breakdown in this essential process can range from non payment to over paying your employees or a significant fine from HMRC for submitting incorrect figures.

At Ellingsworths we remove the headache of payroll for our clients by doing the entire process for them at a very competitive price. This has relieved our clients from having to plan for:

  • Key payroll staff being off sick, on holiday or leaving the company
  • Downtime of the payroll system
  • Keeping the payroll system upgraded to comply with current legislation
  • The remedial cost of paying employees the wrong amount
  • Ensuring NI and PAYE payments are made on time – significant fines apply for late submission of returns
In effect Ellingsworths will become your ‘Payroll Department’ and perform the full range of payroll related tasks including:
  • Calculation of gross pay from basic records
  • Calculation of additional payments such as SSP, SMP, SPP or tax credits
  • Calculation of PAYE, NIC and net pay amounts
  • Preparation of fully itemised payslips
  • Advise on net pay amounts and payments to be made to HMRC
  • Prepare P46 and P45 forms for joiners and leavers
  • Prepare P60, P14 and P35 for year end submission to HMRC
  • Caculation of year end employee benefits in kind and preparation of P11d forms for submission to HMRC

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